fredag, 14 mai 2021
Mai 2021
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Kom over denne boken p nett i dag. I tillegg til anbefale alle bla litt i den, vil jeg skrive av et par dikt:

Sometimes when life has gone wrong with you
And the world seems a dreary place,
Has your dog ever silently crept to your feet
His yearning eyes ever turned to your face -
Has he made you feel that he understands,
And all that he asks of you
Is to share your lot, be it good or ill
With a chance to be loyal and true?
Are you branded a failure? He does not know -
A sinner? He does not care -
You're Master to him - that's all that counts -
A word, and his day is fair.
Your birth and your station are nothing to him;
A Palace and Hut are the same;
And his love is yours in honor and peace,
And it's yours through disaster and shame.
Though others forget you and pass you by,
He is ever your Faithful Friend, -
Ready to give you the best of his,
Unselfishly, Until the End.